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Name:Alec Dorian Campbell
Birthdate:Jan 2
Website:@ dreamlikenewyork

Alec Dorian Campbell was born Alec Dorian Anscomb to a doomed young Australian couple in love, Jasmine and Lee Anscomb. They were both cancers survivors, having met going through chemotherapy when they were in their teens. Love blossomed and they made a pact that if they both went into remission, they would get married. Jasmine was the first to recover, and she nursed Lee through the remainder of his treatment. When he got the news of his remission, he got down on one knee right there in the doctor's office and proposed to her. They got married three months later in a casual beach ceremony.

However, it was a love story that would have a tragic ending. Just two years into their marriage, and three weeks after Jasmine discovered she was pregnant, Lee relapsed with Stage IV cancer. His second battle with chemo was tougher than the first, not that either of them ever thought that possible. He survived long enough to see his son born, but succumbed to the horrific illness just a month later. Jasmine was heartbroken, but she understood more than anyone that remission wasn't a security of a healthy future. Like any cancer survivor, she always knew there was a chance it would return... just like her own.

She did her best to raise Alec, but she, too, relapsed just after his first birthday. There was little fight left this time. She was given a diagnosis of an inoperable and terminal brain tumour. She made the heart-wrenching decision to put Alec up for adoption before she died, so she could meet his new parents. Life wasn't so kind to her, however. The length of time an adoption process takes, his application was stuck in the system when Jasmine passed away. He was placed with a foster family - The Campbells - in Sydney, Australia, while his application for adoptive parents churned through the red-tape system.

The application ended up being quashed by Alec's father's parents. They wanted to take him when he was two years old, so The Campbells had no way of objecting to the decision, and he was taken back up to Queensland. All went well until Alec's grandfather developed early dementia and his grandmother struggled with keeping his care. Alec was nine when this happened, and one day, The Campbells got a phone call from her asking if they could take Alec again. Alec didn't understand what was going on, and he didn't remember The Campbells at that point. He struggled at first and acted out a lot, but they were wonderful with him and soon, they became a close family.

The Campbells already had twin boys, Mark and Sam, with another on the way. James soon followed. Being wealthy and of good standing in the community with Mr Campbell a Vietnam Veteran, he was able to stay long-term with them as a foster child and he was never shuffled around to other families, so ultimately Jasmine's wish got there in the end. Though, because Jasmine's family, based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, had wished to stay as actively involved with him as possible, Alec spent his time between his two families over the years he grew up, and ultimately decided to go to high school on the Gold Coast.

He always remained as much of a son to the Campbell as their biological sons. They loved him just the same and their doors were always open to him. He came back during school holidays to be with them, went on family vacations, and couldn't have had a better relationship with his brothers if he tried. It was around the time of Alec's 14th birthday that he started to realise something wasn't quite right with his mind when he began having odd dreams and visions of his biological parents, whom he had no real memory of having been so young when they died. Fearing that he may have a mental illness, his biological family took him to a doctor, but he was given a clean bill of health. Soon, Alec realised he wasn't going nuts... he seemed to have some level of psychic medium powers. He wasn't just having visions of his parents, he seemed to be able to communicate with them, though the messages only made sense to him.

Though, unlike many who tried to objectify this sort of thing, Alec didn't run out and start charging extortionate amounts for his "powers". He knew he was different, and his brothers joked around with him and mocked him for it, all in a kindhearted and typical brotherly way. Ultimately, his foster family never judged him for what he thought was going on, but his biological family thought it was preposterous. It caused him to have a deep falling out with them and an estrangement that was never able to be healed. Going through the experience of being treated 'weird' and thinking he was mentally ill, however, had him deciding he wanted to be a psychologist. Instead of going straight into uni after graduating high school, Alec joined the Royal Australian Air Force, and was soon put through Medical School through the military after showing high levels of intelligence. He didn't study psychology, he studied psychiatry and eventually became a fully qualified Psychiatrist with sub-specialties in Military Psychology and PSTD.

Alec ended up being deployed to Afghanistan, deep in a Special Ops unit where he worked with the soldiers who were heavily compromised psychiatrically from the things they had to see and do. Unfortunately, it meant he had to go without contact with his family for two years, and whilst he has been incommunicado, it has come to light that his eldest foster brother, Mark, has a teenage son he never knew about, and James has had another baby. By the time his deployment was up, he was more than ready to return home. However, he was sent on to England for another six months to work alongside British military specialists on a special international program being developed for soldiers with PTSD from the recent wars.

Whilst there, he has gotten a call from his foster mum (who he now saw as just his mum), asking if there is any way he could get home for a visit because of a family emergency. Due vast amounts of leave, Alec managed to get an urgent leave of absence to fly home to Sydney where Mark's son, a kid with severe bipolar disorder, is in the wake of another suicide attempt and the call from his grandmother turned out to be a Batcall for help when Justin bolted and flew to Australia to see them after a falling out with his parents in New York.

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